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Mr. Sibi a Physiotherapist plays a significant role in Gowrin
Special School Having himself as a pillar he provides appropriate
intervention services for Gowrin. He realised the need to provide
an array of services to children of special needs, seeking quality
therapy for their child’s needs.

He focus on offering quality teaching with efficient teacher. He
believes that their children are the children of God and with
loving care, affection commitment and understanding any child
regardless of the situation who comes to ❝Gowrin Special School❞
will be treated with dignity as God’s child. He has sacrificed his
life for the God’s children.

Mrs. HemaSibi a qualified Special educator and the principal of
Gowrin Special School.A very dedicated person where she realised
that her call towards this work with these beautiful young children
with special children. She believe that special talent requires special
attention, nurturing and unconditional love to unlock their true potential.
Her love and care towards the children of special needs are special and
unique. She is a person who is always positive vibes. She is an inspiration
to all the other parents.